Thought Leadership

The Parami Round Table think-tank was founded by a larger group of resource persons to create a platform to raise awareness about business knowledge and responsible practices. It engages Myanmar leaders and policy makers to learn how best to benefit from co-operating with our neighbors. The think-tank organizes awareness training, workshops, and seminars especially about the ASEAN and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

The Parami Round Table has hosted more 25 workshops on AEC initiatives and the opportunities and challenges that come from Myanmar’s membership of the single ASEAN market. To reach wider audiences and to teach younger people about the issues, these sessions are broadcast on national TV and through FM radio, website and facebook and perspective. We offer more awareness training and workshops to remote regions throughout the country. Because of these efforts, we were awarded the honorable ASEAN Peoples’ Award by ASEAN Secretariat in 2015.

We have further plans: to present focused and highly technical workshops which will enable Myanmar entrepreneurs to take much better advantage and to extend the link up with like-minded think thanks in the local and other ASEAN countries and how the government is engaging with new countries to obtain investment and the opportunities this will create for Myanmar businesses.