To be successful we help build the country’s energy infrastructure while at the same time giving local communities access to much-needed power and energy. We value and are committed to following international and sustainable best practices, to be a responsible corporate citizen, and to improving the lives of the people and communities where we operate.

Parami Energy has linked up a range of top international energy firms and energy and power specialists. Together we are exploring and developing Myanmar’s sizeable proven and potential oil and gas resources.

Parami Energy is active in building much-needed power generation and distribution facilities in Myanmar. The group distributes liquefied petroleum gas within Myanmar, providing safe, reliable energy at affordable prices to rural and urban communities alike. Mini-grids bring electrification to under served or isolated urban and rural communities. An important byproduct of Parami’s approach to rural power needs is to reduce the devastating effects of deforestation.

Parami’s ethical business model is defined by its core values of professional integrity, producing top quality, coupled with sustainable solutions. This framework of ethical governance is not only reflected in our operational policies but in our philosophy of corporate governance from the top down through all aspects of our transactions, both internally and externally. We have established strong Personnel Practices and Procedures, to assure a safe and respectful workplace for our Parami employees as well as providing clients and community stakeholders a clear statement of who we are and assurance that they can expect the highest international standards in all our interactions with them. We extend this conduct to our all aspects of our business: internal operations, community engagements, and charitable endeavors.

Parami is striving to become a leading local energy company of Myanmar within the next 5 years, by supporting E&P initiatives onshore and offshore, by aiming to be the one-and-only safe & affordable cooking LPG provider in Myanmar within one year, (which includes operating an LPG terminal, processing and distributing directly to the end users using the state-of-the-art “from the ship to the kitchen” approach), and delivering renewables-based off-grid electricity solutions.