Parami Energy Board of Directors

Parami Board of Directors (BoD) drives the policies required for corporate management and governance. It makes key company decisions.

The Parami BoD is responsible for maintaining and improving the company’s prosperity by constantly refining its strategy and directing its affairs, while striving to meet and exceed the expectations of its stakeholders.

The BoD is integral in determining who should lead the company and informing its financial and major investment decisions such as expanding the group’s portfolio through acquisitions or partnerships with local and international players. The BoD also helps drive the company’s strategy decisions and policy agenda.

Corporate Strategy

Parami is committed to developing and operating a diversified energy portfolio encompassing Renewable Energy, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Import & Distribution as well as Oil & Gas Exploration and Development in an inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Risk Management

Parami’s risk management model follows five steps with the goal of limiting and handling potential and existing threats: (1) identify, (2) analyze, (3) mitigate, (4) eliminate, (5) monitor & anticipate.