Parami Energy is an innovative leader in Myanmar’s expanding energy sector. Over more than a decade, we have built a diversified energy group, active in developing Myanmar’s oil and gas resources and in supplying our fast-developing nation with safe, reliable and affordable energy.

How we operate is as important as what we do. We value and are committed to following international best practices in all we do, to be a responsible corporate citizen, and to improving the lives of the people and communities where we operate. We were recognized as Global Growth Company at the World Economic Forum,and as a top ten Responsible and Transparent Company from the Myanmar Center for Responsible Business.

Our key energy business has three components. We are active in upstream (both onshore and offshore) exploration and production of oil and gas. Secondly we are involved in power-generation projects that positively contribute to the government’s ambitious plan to bring electricity to the whole of Myanmar by 2030. Parami Energy aim to be one of the catalysts in helping Myanmar become energy self-sufficient. Lastly we are importing LPG via the marine terminal in Thanlyn and rapidly developing our LPG distribution network in Myanmar utilising state-of-the-art technologies.