Power Generation

Parami Energy manage IPP and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) in Power business. From exploring and producing oil and gas to the development of new energy sources – discover how our business are helping to meet the energy needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable.


Presently, National Electrification ratio covers only 28 percent of Myanmar and we are trying to diligently undertake energy resources, such as gas, thermal, coal, hydro, solar and wind to provide reliable, safe and clean electricity.

We are currently carrying out the least EIA/SIA emitting and the most productive in electric generation projects in Myanmar hydro power generation sector. We work to achieve our ambition to be one of the most productive company among private sector.

Presently, National Electrification ratio covers only 28 percent of Myanmar and we are trying diligently to undertake renewable energy plans such as, Solar, Wind, Biomass, and Waste-to-Energy to provide electricity to rural areas which currently have no access to National Grid Electricity.

We have expertise to upgrade and renovate existing gas turbines in Myanmar. We are in the process of setting up new turbines to provide power to Myanmar’s major industrial zones, special economic zones and seaports.

We can do EPC work across the country. We have a solid and efficient team for installation, testing and commission for turn-key projects.

We can do sub-station turn-key projects including a variety of services: sub-station design planning, cost estimating, construction, installation, testing and commission, upgrading and renovation, project management and contracting etc.

Currently, we are trying to extend the distribution network to expand the Electrification ration to fulfill the increasing power demand.

We are planning to fix and renovate the present distribution system with reliable and safe power optimization system.

Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

In addition to supplying electrical equipments, sub-stations and transmission line materials, machines, gas turbines and hydro plant accessories, our engineering group can perfectly perform planning, designing, and cost estimating, project management and contracting in power sector. Our engineering team can develop transmission lines, new sub-stations, renovation and rehabilitation of gas turbines, new turbine projects and hydro power station construction.