The roles and responsibilities of BoD

The roles and responsibilities of BoD of Parami are to make sure the company’s prosperity is maintained and improved, by directing the company’s affairs, while meeting the appropriate interests of its stakeholders

BoD involvement is integral in determining who should lead the company, financial decisions, major investment decisions, such as to expand the company’s portfolio through acquisition, strategy decisions, policy decisions

Board of Directors policy

Parami has a board of directors policy to establish policies for corporate management and oversight, making decisions on major company issues.

Corporate Strategy 

Parami’s corporate strategy: Parami Energy targets a diversified energy portfolio encompassing E&P, LPG Distribution and Retables-Based Mini-Grids projects, coupled with an over-arching focus on associated CSR initiatives.

Risk Managment

Parami manages risks: first to identify the risks, then analyze these, then evaluate them, and deal/treat the risks properly, after that monitor & review these to make sure that risks have been dealt and no threat exist anymore.